2021 - Three years plus x.

At Mest, Ikoyi, Lagos

In our end-of-year review meeting, I remember telling my colleagues that 2021 for me felt like 3 different years rolled into one. I think it’s because I transitioned across different phases of my life in one year. I got certified in professional marketing, celebrated my 30th birthday, decided to walk away from a love project, got promoted at work, moved to a new city, met a lot of amazing people, and dived deep into product management.

I was facilitating a training program.

Specification writers describe to builders the different types of materials used in construction projects. They also instruct builders on how to use the materials. These descriptions or specifications cover everything from the type of concrete used in the foundation to the type of paint used on the front door. Source: Encyclopedia.com

Ti won ba ghesin ninu mi, koni kose — meaning if someone rides a horse in my stomach, the horse will not miss a step.

Literally meaning, I was filled with much joy and a horse ride will be very pleasant without any form of mishaps.



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