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Owning a Gmail account is a passport to all Google applications, including Google Docs. It is available both as a mobile and a web-based application. Users can access all the features for free without needing a “product key” or license.


Evolution of writing processor
“Timeline of evolution from early typewriter to wordprocessor” sourced

User Adoption

Google Docs was launched as a cloud-based tool targeted primarily at office workers. Because workers are more likely to have internet access than any other segment of the potential user population.

Google Docs has a lot of helpful features that make work(life) efficient and productive. Listed below are 5 of my favorites.

Collaboration, Live edits, Commenting et al.

The first time I experienced someone editing the same document as I was magical. In my mind, I could not comprehend how such technology existed… and even though I now find it normal, it is very time-, stress-, and effort-saving. The ability to collaborate on shared documents is a great enabler of remote work.

1. User Access

Users can share different access levels with collaborators, or even anyone on the internet. You can transfer ownership, update user access or restrict any type of edits on your document.

2. Revision history

The thing I like about the revision history feature is the ability to track and recover your writing no matter how long you started working on it.

3. Suggesting, viewing, and editing mode

It is not uncommon for new ideas to pop into your mind when reviewing your own work or that of others, you can use the “suggesting mode” to pen down these ideas so that you can revisit them later. The default mode for writing is the “Edit mode”, however, you can suggest edits by switching to the “suggesting mode”

4. Comments, Tag People in Comments, emoji

If you have to collaborate on several documents with one person, It is way more efficient to have your conversations on your working document than having to discuss over other platforms.

5. Add-ons for Grammar check and more

Add-ons empower you to add new functionalities that you might need.

Other features you might want to explore are

  • Voice Typing for Easier Thought Processing
  • Accessibility across multiple devices.
  • Offline Mode for Writing Anywhere
  • Voice typing
  • Reaction with emoji to any part of your document.
  • Dictionary
  • Basic image edit capabilities
  • Integration with several other applications.

As a Google Docs fan, other features I would love to see added are

1. Dark mode

I usually access Google Docs via my Desktop Chrome browser. I use the Chrome dark mode theme and It was surprising when I realized I couldn’t switch Google Docs to dark mode as well. A lot of users spend a large chunk of their time viewing screens across their mobile devices and laptops. A dark mode feature will enable users to preserve their eyes while conducting their numerous on-screen activities.

2. Ability to pin docs

Google Docs is a multifunctional tool.



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