Product in Focus — SafeBoda

Interface of the SafeBoda App
Image from the SafeBoda Website

SafeBoda is a motorbike hailing app. The name originated from its founding country, Uganda where Bike riders are called Boda-Bodas

Image from the SafeBoda website

How it works

My favorite features — some of the things I like about the app

How I’d improve the app.

On one occasion, I was at a particular popular mall and was ordering a ride to go home. I noticed that a rider had cancelled my ride and I proceeded to order another one. On arrival of the new rider, The first thing he asked was “where I was going”. After I told him, he explained how he was almost cancelling the order too because of the map location(Ibadan Southwest). He proceeded to share the tip above with me which has made using the app easier, and also reduced my wait times.



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