Sololearn: Programmers’ best-kept secret!

Adeola Afolayan
2 min readApr 4, 2019

I knew I wanted to learn Java, I had made up my mind I was going to…but where do I start from? How do I start were the questions that kept begging for answers with the vast amount of resources online…although I got a PDF material and honestly, I was going to start reading it one day, you are familiar with that phrase, right?

Then one day, while scrolling through my Twitter timeline, I found the gem! A Twitter user was celebrating her completion of a Java programming course from SoloLearn. She attached her certificate, the curious me went on a research spree to find out what SoloLearn is, and viola…it is a programming language learning platform.

SoloLearn App Interface

SoloLearn has more than 10 different languages on its platform divided into modules to ease learning and did I mention it has a great reward system as well.

How was SoloLearn helpful?

As I went about my SoloLearn discovery, I realized they had a mobile app… now that’s my favourite part! I didn’t think twice before I downloaded the app

In later weeks, I would learn solo while I was on the commute. I had an 8–5 job and my daily commute hours usually range between 2.5 hours to 4 hours. SoloLearn is a smart app that doesn’t require heavy internet, this made it easier to move from one module to the next during my commute hours

Here’s the part I didn’t tell you, you don’t need a computer to program with Sololearn, The mobile application has an inbuilt developer interface, its called “Code Playground”, you can easily write any program and run it concurrently.

There’s also a huge developer community where you can ask questions, get answers, take on challenges and many other amazing things. The SoloLearn team, y’all are the real MVP!

I recently completed my second tutorial Python programming language on SoloLearn, I’m sure I will still use the app a lot more. SoloLearn truly does make life easier.

Here is my Java certificate, perhaps it might encourage someone

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